Wednesday, June 1, 2011

WIP Wednesday

I know, amazing, I am actually starting a new quilt. Actually I started two (and no, I have not finished the 3 I have sitting here). But its always fun to start a new project and here are some of my 2.5 inch squares for my rainbow quilt. I haven't cut any of  my yellows yet, purples are done, and I need a ton more blue, red and oranges, but its a start. I would love to have one done for the next SLMQG meeting, but at this point I am just hoping for a quilt top, but at least its something. Let's hope this trend can keep up with school out next week. EEK!


  1. If you need more fabric I've got tons!!!

  2. Pretty, pretty stacks of fabric so far!! Thanks for linking up with WIP Wednesday!