Saturday, February 26, 2011

Map of the States #3

And #3 is done! Coming up with enough yellows was not easy and I may need to go find some more before I start the next blocks. I've looked a little and I guess I just don't love yellow as I can hardly find a print I really love. 

In case you were wondering how I do this, here are a few pictures to show how I cheat a little from the Oh Fransson method.  (which of course means more wasted fabric, but I think its worth the time I save). I start out with a 12x12 square of freezer paper and cut it into 5 random strips and draw the individual squares on. 
 I do not cut out each individual block, I just get out my fabric and cut blocks roughly the size of my squares till I have a block cut for every square, then sew them in rows. Next, I iron on the freezer paper and cut 1/4 inch around them.
 Then I sew the strips together and iron all my seams open. I have done this with and without the freezer paper still on and can't figure out which way I like better. I am more accurate if I leave it on, but its a pain.
And there you are. I also really liked this tutorial, but since I am using smaller pieces and only making 9 total blocks, it just didn't work. 

Friday, February 25, 2011

Block #2

This obviously isn't going to be the fastest quilt I have ever made, but I did whip out #2 today. I didn't think I had enough greens and I even had a few prints that I didn't use, so I am feeling better about the other 2 green blocks. Now I need to whip out the yellow next and see if that works. Then maybe after that I will stop giving you the play by play till its done.
This block went much better in the sewing stage and I paid more attention to the lines I drew on the freezer paper to make sure my seems didn't line up so now I feel like the process is working. 
(and yes, I am taking any donations of cute pinks, greens and yellow scraps if you have some lying around dying to go into this quilt)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Another baby quilt!

So I finally started my Map of the States quilt. I had the most pink so I made up one square last night. I am planning on doing yellow and green blocks too. We'll see when I get to those, I need more fabric though and nothing seems to be jumping out to me online, so looks like I will need to venture out to the quilt shop. If I can get enough energy with this huge belly to do that!

Tooth Fairy Monster

My 5 year old has his first loose tooth, so when I saw this tutorial yesterday, I had to make it! Very quick and easy! You just put the teeth in his mouth, and find money! Now if I can just convince him to rip that tooth out!

Finished my first pillow!

I finally found the camera. Here is proof that I have been sewing lately. I think it turned out fabulous of course. :)