Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A little dress...

I am attempting to put together a little blessing gown. With no pattern. I had an old dress with eyelets on it I thought I could just cut up and go. Things were going well till we got to the sleeves. And I realized my baby is already getting chubby and it has to open in the back or I won't be able to get it on. Now even with the buttons, I am doubtful. I am done with the top, I am hoping the bottom is easier. Just sew a tube, right? Right? Not sure why I do this to myself.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


I would love to work on various projects bouncing around my head, but this little girl is keeping me distracted. Oh, and those 2 boys as well. Luckily Nana helped me pack it up for SLMQG Sewing Saturday and I got the back of GJ's quilt pieced and basted so now its just time to quilt and bind.  I am thinking spring break this week is going to lend itself to even less time at the sewing machine. But soon, soon. I got M's newborn shots back though. She is such a dolly!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Map of the States completed!

 I finished the quilt top for my baby two days before she was born so I could take it to SLMQG
 I also wanted to add a label, so using my Silhouette, I cut out my initials and date with heat transfer material and put it on some ribbon. 
 Then I just sewed it right into the binding. 
So far so good, I think I will keep it up. 
 I love all these blocks! Finished quilt is about 48 inches square. 
1. These squares take a long time to make, but totally worth it.
2. I used the poly batting for the first time because I wanted it fuller, but that made it a pain to quilt and I probably won't do it again. Back to Warm and Natural. With a 50% off coupon of course.
3. Sewing on the binding it not for me. I tried and don't love how it turned out as I didn't do a great job and had to go back and fix several places. Maybe with practice. It was WAY faster obviously; very nice to get it done in less than an hour as opposed to days.
4. I love this quilt! I can't wait till we have our meeting on taking pictures of quilts because I am sure I am failing to let you see how totally awesome it is. :)

Been a little busy...

...cuddling with this little sweetheart. She is two weeks old today.