Friday, February 25, 2011

Block #2

This obviously isn't going to be the fastest quilt I have ever made, but I did whip out #2 today. I didn't think I had enough greens and I even had a few prints that I didn't use, so I am feeling better about the other 2 green blocks. Now I need to whip out the yellow next and see if that works. Then maybe after that I will stop giving you the play by play till its done.
This block went much better in the sewing stage and I paid more attention to the lines I drew on the freezer paper to make sure my seems didn't line up so now I feel like the process is working. 
(and yes, I am taking any donations of cute pinks, greens and yellow scraps if you have some lying around dying to go into this quilt)


  1. I'm really loving how these blocks are coming together. I will have to add this type of quilt to my to-do list.

  2. i'm telling you - COME OVER!

    and i love how they're turning out.