Thursday, June 16, 2011

Growth Chart

 Other than actually adding the names and measurements, I did finish my growth chart today. I used Kona Ash on the binding and I like how it turned out with the rainbow. I also machine bound it which was a HUGE improvement from the last time. I think using 2.75inch binding was the key. 
Kati taught photographing quilts tonight and it mostly just confirmed that I have no eye for photography, nor skills to go with it. There is always room for improvement, I guess. Yes, the sun spots totally white out the quilt. I may try again tomorrow with some of the tips I learned, but for now this is it. 
 I used a green print for the back because it reminded me of growing, though you probably won't ever see the back.
 And of course I made a new label out of some green ribbon I had, with the date I finished on the back. I used heat transfer material and I think that is what I will use on the front for the dates and names as well, I just can't see me embroidering the whole thing.

Tutorial found Here!


  1. Love it! And even though there are sunspots, at least you took a picture and posted it. Baby steps...

  2. Don't worry. . I've done everything that Kati told us not to do last night. . . lol Great growth chart!!

  3. Did you make up the pattern for your growth chart? I want to do something similar for my kids. Any tips?

  4. Also, how are you planning to mark the growth? With a fabric pen or stitching?