Monday, January 31, 2011

Let's Get Started

In the words of Kati, its free, so why not.

In an attempt to not bore everyone who reads the family blog with my quilts and projects and fabric obsession, I am now separating the two. This way I can also keep track and catalog everything I make.

Is this a good idea being very busy with 2 boys and being 7 months pregnant? Well hence the title, if I could I would quilt all day, but life gets in the way. Someone needs a snack and the laundry needs folded and the belly gets in the way of the sewing machine, so in the end, I only sometimes quilt.

I also hate telling people I love to quilt. To me, it means fresh ideas, new fabrics, improv squares, freemotion quilting and I cringe to think people picturing me as a "grandma" quilter, because that is something else different entirely. Or that is what I tell myself at least.

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